C&G Glass

          C&G has been specialized in qualified raw glass sheet and glass mosaic products for 20 years integrating design, production, sales and services.
          In addition to glass sheet and glass mosaic production factories, we formed a strategic  alliance with a few well-known mosaic manufacturers.
          Our product lists consist of glass sheet, glass mosaic, crystal mosaic, metal foil mosaic and  other kinds of glass mosaic products. C&G has established business and service relationship  with dozens of distributors in major cities of China; meanwhile, we are exporting to southeast  Asia, the Middle East, Africa and European countries and areas.
          After years of business development, C&G devote ourselves to being a global brand of  integrated solutions of glass sheet and mosaic products.

          客戶名稱: 金乾(廣州)玻璃制品有限公司

          服務內容: 品牌VIS形象設計、網站設計

          創作日期: 2019年


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